Our Vision

Our vision is to minimize the losses of honeybees each year and provide clean wholesome products from the hive.

Our Mission

To best serve the public and the bees we strive to continue developing bee removal techniques that are fast and safe for everyone involved.
After the honeybees have been relocated we use organic practices to revive them, so they may produce vigorous offspring and a surplus of raw natural honey.

Kailua Beekeeper

How We Got Started

It all began when I was volunteering at a state park. I met an old man by the name of Steve Montgomery. I found out he was a beekeeper and I asked him if I could learn from him and he said "yeah sure." I got my first hive when a swarm of feral bees moved into an empty box in my front yard. I've been learning about their ways ever since.
I have only kept bees in a post-varroa and post-beetle environment so I have no recollection of the easy days of beekeeping. My understanding of beekeeping was developed at a time when massive quantities of bees were dying. Most of the colonies we were managing encountered serious pressure from the beetle and the mite. It became clear to me that we must do all that we can to protect our precious pollinators.

Since then I have grown the operation to about 100 colonies. With luck that will be a whole lot more.