Oahu Bee Removal Services

Honeybees help us produce one out of every three bites of food. They are vital to our agricultural system. Through biological pressures and lack of habitat they sometimes find their way into places not meant for them. Please forgive them, as far as they know the stud space of a house is just as good as a hollow tree trunk.

Bee Swarm

Oahu swarm Removal

Swarming is a natural part of a bee colony's life cycle. In this stage they are seeking out a new home. If the scout bees are unable to find a new location they will build a hive at their present location. Swarms can also be colonies that have absconded from their old hive due to parasites. If a swarm is captured it will not establish a colony where bees don't belong (i.e in the stud space of a house, BBQ grill, a trash can, etc. . .) the swarm can be taken to a farm where it can be itself without risk to itself or the public. 

Pros of Swarm Removal

  • All honeybees are removed.

  • Bees live





Cons of Swarm Removal

  • Just kidding, there are no cons.

  • However, EVERY call that we have ever received about a bee attack was because someone attempted to spray the colony. It has been recognized by science that honeybees can differentiate between different human faces. They know when you are trying to hurt them and they will defend themselves.


Oahu Cut-out

Established bee colonies have built comb and have brood. They range in size; usually a healthy colony will be 60,000-80,000 bees strong. They commonly occupy stud-spaces, attics, BBQ grills, trash cans, mailboxs and many other creative places. A professional beekeeper is able to safely and humanely cut out the colony and relocate the hive into a bee box without agitating or harming the hive. This is usually the most effective way to deal with a bee problem. The procedure is best performed in the evening.

Pros of Cut-Outs

  • All of the bees are removed.
  • The procedure is completed in one trip.
  • There is no comb left to attract parasites, vermin, or microbial growth.
  • Bees live.


Cons of Cut-Outs

  • The dry wall or exterior siding must be removed to access the wall.

Oahu Trap-Out

Established bee colonies will build in places inaccessible for a standard established colony removal. In cases like this the trap-out is utilized to remove the bees from the structure without ever altering the structure. The bees will leave their old colony and enter a bait box where they will take up new residence. This process can take 4 days to 3 weeks to complete, depending on the size of the colony.




Pros of Trap-Outs

  • All of the bees are removed.
  • You don't have to open the wall.
  • Bees live.




Cons of Trap-Outs

  • Trap-outs have a higher material cost because all entrances to the colony MUST be sealed.
  • Trap-outs require multiple trips. They usually take 3-4 visits to complete.
  • Trap-outs in ideal situations can take only 48 hours. Generally speaking they tend to take several weeks to complete.
  • Once the trap out is complete any remaining food reserves or brood may attract predators and parasites that include, but are not limited to small hive beetle, vermin, ants, and microbial growth.